Part III: Why I’m Going Back


If you find yourself gazing out of windows,
often lost in your imagination,
or feel a burning desire to find adventure in any shape or size,
if you are a dreamer of dreams
—an explorer—
This is the place for you.


Latest Field Notes

An Anxious Traveler
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Anxiety is my biggest struggle. It can hit me anytime and usually about completely weird things. I once spent a family vacation avoiding leaves, washing my hands like a maniac, and praying in a panic while in the van... Read More

My Sister’s Wedding in India (Part 1)
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Two years ago, I packed my least favorite suitcase full with dresses, high heels, makeup and  other stuff that I don’t usually travel with, hopped on a plane in Frankfurt, and flew to India for the first time. India... Read More

Art Prints for Refugee Aid
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  In 2015, I set out to paint 40 animals for a collaborative project with my friend and fellow artist, Laura Johnston. We called our project “Roam the Globe” and broke it down by region. Each month we focused on... Read More

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