This ginger artist doesn’t just love to draw, paint, and take pictures, she is driven by a deep sense of adventure. Combining creativity, wanderlust, and a whole lot of oddball, Sarah-Lambert Cook sets out to explore the world around her.


Join me and we’ll both discover what it means to Go Creatively!




Latest Field Notes

Slip Sliding Away
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  That old adage about being at a crossroads, “Two roads diverged in a wood,” and all that is a feeling I kind of wish applied here. Instead, I feel a bit more like a mix of Paul Simon’s... Read More

Exploring with Puppy
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Come on let’s play! The sun’s shining bright, and it’s such a nice day we should spend it outside! And since we’re together let’s hug like best pals; just a couple of cute, adventuring gals. Let’s climb to a... Read More

Moving + Work + Life Balance
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After three years in Germany, it’s time to move back to the US of A. I’m really torn between wanting to stay here and wanting to go back. I’ve loved living here so much. Germany has been an amazing... Read More