Chhoti Holi and Playing Holi


If you find yourself gazing out of windows,
often lost in your imagination,
or feel a burning desire to find adventure in any shape or size,
if you are a dreamer of dreams
—an explorer—
This is the place for you.


Latest Field Notes

Playing Holi
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Holika Dahan: the day before Holi, called Chhoti Holi (meaning little Holi), pyres of wood and cow dung are burned by light of the full moon. Late in the evening, we stole out from the house into the city... Read More

In the Garden
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My days lately have been spent largely in the garden. I wake up, get ready while reading, drink some chai, eat some breakfast and then stroll out to the garden. Everything is in beautiful bloom for spring. An eagle... Read More

San Francisco Travel Bingo!
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  On my way to India, I stopped for a longish layover in San Francisco which is perfect timing since guess which city is the first US one I’ve made a travel bingo card for? Yay!   It was... Read More

An Anxious Traveler
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Anxiety is my biggest struggle. It can hit me anytime and usually about completely weird things. I once spent a family vacation avoiding leaves, washing my hands like a maniac, and praying in a panic while in the van... Read More

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