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Sketching in India

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When I was a kid, we used to take these awesome frantic trips where we would haul around exploring everything until exhaustion knocked us out at the end of the day. I loved it so much that when I grew up and began traveling on my own I kept up that pace. But there can be a problem with that pace: the thing is… I don’t think it really suits me. Not really. My favorite moments from travels come in … Read More

Playing Holi

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Holika Dahan: the day before Holi, called Chhoti Holi (meaning little Holi), pyres of wood and cow dung are burned by light of the full moon. Late in the evening, we stole out from the house into the city to roast wheat on a staff (the Bali) over one of the pyres. Afterward, it was brought home where we ate some of the roasted grains. Holika was a demoness in Hindu scriptures. Her brother, King Hiranyakashipu, believed himself to be a … Read More

In the Garden

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My days lately have been spent largely in the garden. I wake up, get ready while reading, drink some chai, eat some breakfast and then stroll out to the garden. Everything is in beautiful bloom for spring. An eagle seems to prefer these trees and regularly sweeps low to the lawn then up into the trees where he enjoys whatever he’s got trapped in his talons.   The air is a sweet mixture of breezy and balmy in the day … Read More

San Francisco Travel Bingo!

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  On my way to India, I stopped for a longish layover in San Francisco which is perfect timing since guess which city is the first US one I’ve made a travel bingo card for? Yay!   It was nice to get off the plane, into the city, and move around a bit before setting off again. San Francisco is such a unique, beautiful place. I haven’t even had a chance to see everything on the bingo card yet. Guess … Read More

An Anxious Traveler

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Anxiety is my biggest struggle. It can hit me anytime and usually about completely weird things. I once spent a family vacation avoiding leaves, washing my hands like a maniac, and praying in a panic while in the van because I’d been told that there was a thing called “Hantavirus” and we shouldn’t be worried, but be careful not to mess about where mice may have been. Yeah, that sent me into an anxious panic about potentially dying from this … Read More

My Sister’s Wedding in India (Part II)

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Around my house, we like to say that my mom’s stomach was put in upside down. Truly, I have never met a person more prone to motion sickness than her. I was on the road in Delhi for all of half an hour before I was texting my parents to “bring airsickness bags” when they arrived in a few days.   Their first few hours in India were spent grabbing lunch and wandering around the grounds of Humayun’s incredible tomb. … Read More

My Sister’s Wedding in India (Part 1)

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Two years ago, I packed my least favorite suitcase full with dresses, high heels, makeup and  other stuff that I don’t usually travel with, hopped on a plane in Frankfurt, and flew to India for the first time. India is a country I have always wanted to visit. This “always” started as mostly wanting to just see the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, and tigers, and gradually expanded over the years (thanks largely to David Lean’s cinematography in “A Passage to India” … Read More

Art Prints for Refugee Aid

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  In 2015, I set out to paint 40 animals for a collaborative project with my friend and fellow artist, Laura Johnston. We called our project “Roam the Globe” and broke it down by region. Each month we focused on a different part of the world to feature four animals from. When it came to the Middle East, it was hard for me to focus on animals and leave out the human element. So hard, in fact, that by the time … Read More

Greenland from the Air

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I had a middle row seat on my flight moving back to the US from Germany a few months ago. When the route map said we were nearing Greenland, I jumped up and dashed to the back of the plane. The exit door in the rear had a window I could see glowing near the toilets. While everyone slept with shades down, I stood along with 2 other curious, like-minded people and watched Greenland as we flew over. It was … Read More

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